HydroJet Drain Cleaning

There’s nothing more annoying or unpleasant than a Blocked Sink Drain, Blocked Stormwater Drain or Blocked Sewer Drain. Metropolitan Drain Cleaning is your Local Blocked Drain Expert. With service hours all day, every day – you read right, 24/7 – including Christmas, Easter and all other public holidays, we’re able to come to your home or business to clear any blocked drain you may have. Further, we treat emergencies the way they should be, and can most often have a plumber knocking on your door within an hour of placing a call or using our simple Online Booking Form.

Hydro Jetter Machines


In the modern professional blocked drains plumbing industry, hand-powered rods and cleaning devices are a thing of the past. Thankfully. There are now some very advanced technologies on the market and, here at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, we make sure all our blocked drains experts have access to them all. Amongst the very latest and greatest of these technologies is the Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machine. Able to reach far into any Blocked Stormwater Drain or Blocked Sink Drain, they hydro jet machines are able to cut through and remove all of the toughest, stickiest of your drain blockages. Every plumber with Metropolitan Drain Cleaning is extensively trained in using the hydro jet, so you can rest assured you’ll get only the very best service and very best results from our blocked drains experts. Visit money scout for financial needs.

So, how does the hydro jetter they work?

Jetters use highly pressurised water discharged through a flexible cable and nozzle system. At 5000 psi, the stream of water is able to slice through tree roots and some other solid materials, but it’s the hydro jet’s other use that makes it so advanced. As there’s no blades or cutters of any kind to get stuck, the hydro jetter drain cleaner is able to effectively and efficiently demolish and clean any and all greasy milfster and sludgy build-ups our equipment can’t. For this reason, the Metropolitan Drain Cleaning’s blocked drains professionals find the hydro jetting machines particularly useful for blocked sink drains and blocked stormwater drains.

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As the water used by the hydro jetter is pressurized to such a high level, there is a safety hazard when using it. It’s essential that the operator know exactly what he’s doing when using one of these machines, so at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, we make sure all our fully qualified, licensed blocked drains plumbers have the training and skill to not only use their hydro jetter drain cleaner effectively, but also safely. Your attending blocked drain plumber will be able to accurately assess your specific situation to determine what the best clearing method will be, then, of that turns out to be the hydro jetter, will be able to use it to give you the very best results to your blocked drain woes.

So, why would you use the hydro jet?

Grease, oil, dirt and other such accumulations can be very difficult to move with other machinery, as their cutting tools either get stuck or don’t remove everything. These types of blockages, however, are short work for a hydro jetter drain cleaning machine, as the high pressure water stream simply shoots through sticky clogs and scours the drain clean. Because of this, and their ability to also cut tree roots, the blocked drains experts here at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning find hydro jets to be very effective for blocked stormwater drains, blocked sewer drains, blocked sink drains and anything else where that might be a problem.

Cafes and restaurants frequently have oil and grease build-ups in their sink drains, which can become very problematic very quickly. Metropolitan Drain Cleaning can of course take care of this, but we believe it’s a far better idea to have your drains cleaned regularly – say, every 3 or 4 months. As a business owner, you don’t want any sinks or even bathroom pipes to suddenly overflow, so you should call the blocked drains experts at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning to organise for a scheduled hydro jet clean as often as you need it.