Stormwater Drains Blocked

If you have a Blocked Stormwater Drain or a Blocked Sewer Drain, you need go no further than Metropolitan Drain Cleaning. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every week of the year, including Christmas, Easter and all other public holidays. Further, it doesn’t matter if you’re calling us about an emergency or not, we can most often have one of our fully qualified licensed blocked drains experts to your home or business within the hour.

The sewerage drain and stormwater drain are very common pipes to find a blockage in, and is most often the result of breakages, cracks or simply inlets allowing dirt, leaves and garden debris into the drain. All our blocked drains professionals here at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning have undergone the most extensive training possible to ensure they’re ready for even the most difficult Blocked Sewer Drain or Blocked Stormwater Drain you could possibly throw their way. With access the very latest in Hydro Jetter Drain Cleaning Machinery, and the ability to Excavate and Replace your Drains if necessary, there really is other plumbing company worth calling. A Metropolitan Drain Cleaning’s blocked drains expert has you covered for every eventuality. Phone our call centre, or else click on over to our Online Booking Form.

Stormwater and Sewer Drains Blocked

Stormwater drain blocked

Why do the Stormwater and Sewer Drains become Blocked?

The Stormwater Drain consists of a down pipe, connected to the roof of a building, and a series of ground pipes, that transport water from the roof and grounds of your property to either the street gutter or another designated sight to be absorbed. The sewer drain also removes unwanted water from your property, but does so from your toilet, sink, shower and other drains, directing that waste water into the city’s sewerage system. The blocked drains experts from Metropolitan Drain Cleaning have everything they need to effectively and efficiently clear you blocked sewer drains and blocked stormwater drain, getting that water back on track away from your property like they’re meant to.

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Blockages to the stormwater and sewer drains will most often result from two things. If you can smell sewerage in your garden, or you’ve been getting water flooding of your outdoor spaces for no reason, there’s a good chance one or both of these things is happening.

How will you clear a Stormwater or Sewer Drain?

The blocked drains clearing experts here at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning find the most effective method for cleaning blocked stormwater drains and blocked sewer drains is to use the hydro jet cleaner. Using pressurised water, the jetter cuts through any type of blockage we might find, here, and is especially effective on those greasy, sludgy build-ups most common to this area. The hydro jetter drain cleaning machine is also able to remove those tree roots, so it doesn’t matter what’s causing your blocked stormwater drain or blocked sewer drain, the experts from Metropolitan Drain Cleaning will be able to have it cleared and your water flowing perfectly again in no time.

It’s essential when making a booking with Metropolitan Drain Cleaning that we know the job is for a blocked stormwater drain or a blocked sewer drain, so we can ensure your attending blocked drains expert is equipped with the hydro jet drain machine. Additionally, every one of the blocked drain professionals here at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning has access to CCTV drain cameras, which they can use if your drainage issue won’t seem to go away, guaranteeing that your blockage is found and removed with the minimum of fuss.