Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

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Did you just type one of these into your search engine? Then you’ve come to the right place! Metropolitan Drain Cleaning is your one stop shop for Clearing Blocked Drains. As a business, in addition to homeowners and tenants, we know how debilitating it can be having a Blocked Sink Drain, Blocked Toilet Drain or Blocked Sewer Drain. It weighs on the mind, and can end up being extremely frustrating (not to mention rather unpleasant) if not fixed promptly and soundly. That’s why we operate on a 24/7 basis – 24 hour a day, 7 day a week access to all your blocked drain needs. That’s round the clock service! Further, with a veritable army of blocked drain plumbers at our disposal, we’re able to have one of our people at your door within the hour of booking!

Every van is fitted with the latest blocked drain clearing technology, and each blocked drain plumber is trained in the knowhow to wield it. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a Blocked Bath Drain, a Blocked Stormwater Drain or a Blocked Shower Drain, a fully qualified, reliable Metropolitan Drain Cleaning’s blocked drains expert will be able to fix it quickly and with the minimum of fuss. With offices in most major capital cities, there’s no need to use anybody else. Call 1300 504 604, or use our easy Online Booking form now!


So, how does a drain become blocked?

Well, a number of ways, thanks for asking! Basically, a drain or pipe becomes blocked from a build up of solid material, but the material itself and the ways in which it might arrive there can vary. It depends on where the pipe is and what it attaches to and drains. Here at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, we’re your local blocked drain clearing experts. Every one of our plumbers is extensively trained and licensed to clear any and all types of blocked drains, no matter where it is or what’s causing it. If you’ve found yourself with a blocked drain anywhere in your home or business, contact us now so we can get a blocked drains expert to clear it for you.

We pride ourselves on being able to clear any and all kinds of blocked drains, so it really doesn’t matter what you’re currently suffering from, we’ll be able to have the perfect blocked drains plumber out to your home or business with the perfect solution for your particular blocked drain. All our vans are fully stocked with the latest and greatest in blocked drains clearing technology, so there’s nothing too difficult for us to clear.

Let’s go over the most common problem areas, and what they face:

Kitchen Drains Blocked:

When you’ve got a blocked sink drain in the kitchen, you need somebody who knows exactly what they’re doing to clear it. Not being able to use the sink locks out all of your essential kitchen tasks like washing dishes and preparing food, so you don’t want to wait. The blocked drain experts at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning have you covered. Your blocked kitchen drain might be the consequence of oils, grease, soap, food scraps and other debris that finds its way into your sink, but we’ll be able to care of it in no time at all.

Toilet Drains Blocked:

A blocked toilet drain often results from sanitary napkins, baby wipes, too much toilet paper, tree roots impinging, or the flushing of foreign objects. No matter what the cause of your blocked toilet drain is, though, the blocked drain experts at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning will have the right solution for your specific situation. Every one of our blocked drains professionals has the training, skills and experience to be able to tackle even the stickiest, trickiest of toilet blockages, and will be able to get your toilet drain flowing smoothly again quick smart.

The blocked toilet drain is undoubtedly one of the most unpleasant plumbing issues somebody could possibly face. Even if nobody needs to use it, there’s that awful feeling in the back of your mind that becomes very annoying very quickly. The blocked drain experts at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning understand this, so we make sure everybody has extensive training and knowhow for every blocked toilet drain that gets thrown at them.

Urinal Drains Blocked:

If you’re a council worker looking after a public toilet, or you run a business that has a publically accessible toilet, you know how unpleasant and irritating it is having a blocked urinal drain. These are usually caused by a gradual build up of crystalline deposits, and really should be fixed as soon as they pop up. Contact the blocked drain experts at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, and we’ll be able to have somebody out to your building to clear those blocked urinal drains quickly and efficiently.

Bathroom Drains Blocked:

The drains in your bathroom, such as the basin, bath and shower, are prone to build ups of soap, toothpaste, hair (shaving, washing, etc.) and other bathroom wastes. Having water drain slowly, or not all, from any of these drains is a good indicator that they’ve become blocked, and can be a very frustrating time trying to do those human things like washing and grooming.

But fear not! Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, your local blocked drains experts, has you covered. If you’ve found yourself with a blocked basin drain, blocked shower drain or blocked bath drain, well be able to have one of our professional blocked drain plumbers around to your building to clear those blockages perfectly, getting your bathroom water flow back to normal with a minimum of fuss

Stormwater and Outdoor Drains Blocked:

Indoor drains aren’t the only blockage sites that the expert blocked drain cleaners at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning can work on. Outdoor drains, such as sewer drains and stormwater drains in gardens, patios, driveways and walkways are also within our scope. A blocked drain here can come from dirt, leaves and other garden debris collecting in the pipeline. For all your blocked stormwater drains and blocked sewer drains, contact Metropolitan Drain Cleaning. Our blocked drains professionals can clear any outdoor drain with no hassle whatsoever, so you’re drains get back to normal and you can continue on with your day.

Stormwater drain blocked

Laundry Drains Blocked:

If you’ve just done a load of washing, only to find that your laundry drain has overflowed, you’ll need to get a Metropolitan Drain Cleaning’s blocked drains expert to have a look at it. Blocked laundry drains typically occur due to sedimentation from hair, soap and other cleaning liquids. This can happen even if you look after your laundry drains, as DIY drain cleaners tend not to remove everything, so it’s always a good idea to have one of our blocked drains plumbers professionally clear them for you.

That’s a lot of different drains, and a lot of different causes, but that makes no difference to us. All our blocked drain experts have the expertise and the equipment to clear them all. Additionally, if your blocked drain is the result of a crack or break – say, a tree root has impinged enough to damage the pipe – our blocked drain plumbers are able to give you a quote then and there for a replacement pipe, then excavate and install it on the same day. No dramas!

So, how will you fix my blocked drain?

There are many different ways to clear a blocked drain. At Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, our blocked drains experts don’t use any temporary pipe relining techniques, as these only last very short periods of time before they need to be redone, which only costs you far more money in the long run. No, we only employ the safest, most durable solutions for your blocked drain problems. Once your attending Metropolitan Drain Cleaning’s blocked drain expert knows what the issue is, he’ll use either one or more of the following techniques to clear it as quickly and as efficiently as possible:

Excavating and Replacement:

If your blocked drain is serious enough that it can’t be simply cleared, the only way to adequately fix the problem will be to excavate and replace the affected drain. All our blocked drain professionals here at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning are extensively trained and experienced in excavating and replacing all blocked drains in any material, so you won’t need to worry about a thing if your situation gets this far. Your attending blocked drains plumber will be able to give you a quote for a full or partial pipe replacement, then carry it out on the same day.

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning:

Amongst the most advanced of modern blocked drain clearing technology is the hydro jetter drain clearing machine. With a nozzle shooting high pressure water through your drain, there isn’t much that can’t be removed with this piece of machinery. Tree roots, material build-ups and especially greasy clogs don’t stand a chance. Every one of our fully qualified, licensed blocked drain plumbers is highly skilled and very knowledgeable in using the hydro jet, and will be able to clear those blocked sink drains and blocked stormwater drains quickly and efficiently.


Hire CCTV Drain Camera:

In the case of a blocked drain problem that keeps coming back even after being cleared, or one which is difficult to find, your attending Metropolitan Drain Cleaning’s blocked drains expert may need to use a CCTV drain camera to locate what’s causing you troubles. The CCTV inspection can quickly and precisely locate the difficult object or broken area of pipe, making it much easier for our blocked drains professional to fix that issue that doesn’t seem to want to go away.

Electric Drain Cleaning Machine:

As well as the hydro jetter, our extensively trained, licensed blocked drain plumbers have access to the latest in electric drain cleaning machinery. By using a cutting tool attached to a cable, the electric drain cleaner (also sometimes called an electric eel) can remove tree roots and most solid material from those blocked indoor drains and some blocked outdoor drains. Blocked toilet drains and blocked bathroom drains are particularly irritating problems, but the electric eel drain cleaning machines our expert blocked drain plumbers have make short of them.

So, who’s responsible for a blocked drain?

No matter what blocked drain you find yourself with, Metropolitan Drain Cleaning will have the solution to give you the very best results possible. If you find yourself facing a blocked drain at your home or business, don’t hesitate to call us or fill out our online booking form. For blocked drains on private property, the homeowner or business owner is the one responsible for contacting a plumber and paying for his services. If you rent your place, it should the responsibility of the landlord to do so. It doesn’t matter where or when you need a fully qualified, licensed blocked drain plumber from Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, we’ll be able to have the right person to you in no time, and that blocked drain cleared perfectly.

So, do you have blocked drain services all over Australia?

Yes, we do! Our blocked drain professionals at Metropolitan Drain Cleaning are all fully qualified and licensed, with extensive training in clearing any and all kinds of blocked drains, no matter what’s causing it, how difficult it is or when you find it. Your local blocked drain experts, we have services in most major capital cities across the country, making it that much simpler to get that blocked drain fixed whenever you need. And with availability spanning all 24 hours of all 7 days, including every public holiday, we mean it when we say “whenever”.

We’ve got you covered for:

Blocked Drains Perth:

Iluka, Midland, Cottesloe, Joondalup, Fremantle, Bayswater, Rockingham, Victoria Park, Scarborough and Osborne Park, and every other suburb of Perth, we’ll be able to have one of our Metropolitan Drain Cleaning’s blocked drain experts out to your home or business for clearing that pesky blocked sink drain or blocked toilet drain. Perth might be one of the most isolated cities on earth, but we don’t think this is a very good excuse for having a bad blocked drains service. Metropolitan Drain Cleaning will give you only the best service available.

Blocked Drains Adelaide:

Adelaide may be only the fifth largest city in Australia with 1.23 million residents, but that’s still a lot of blocked drains, and a lot of people who need a blocked drain plumber. Unley, Burnside, Marion, Enfield, Stirling, Glenelg, Mt Barker, Woodville, Elizabeth, Port Adelaide, Morphett Vale, Seaford, Norwood, and many more, we’ll be able to clear your blocked drain perfectly wherever you are in Adelaide. All our blocked drains experts have the highest levels of training, skills and knowledge possible, so you’re in good hands.

Blocked Drains Sydney:

For all those irritating, unpleasant blocked drains in Sydney, there’s only one name you need to remember. Metropolitan Drain Cleaning. Our Sydney blocked drain plumbers are fully qualified, licensed and ready to take your callout to anywhere in this busy city. No matter whether you live or work in the city centre near Darling Harbour or in the furthest suburb from it, we can have a blocked drain expert to Ryde, Thornleigh, Fairfield, Lindfield, Liverpool, Guildford, Parramatta, Chatswood, Sutherland, Marrickville, Berala and Penrith, among many others.

Blocked Drains Melbourne:

The jury is still out whether Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia, but it’s definitely in on the amount of Blocked drains. With 4. 25 million residents, there are a lot! If you’ve found yourself with a blocked drain, you need to call Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, the professionals more people trust. We can come to every suburb, including Kew, Altona, St Kilda, Sunbury, Footscray, Caulfield, Essendon, Ringwood, Werribee, Dandenong and Geelong, just to name a few.

Blocked Drains Canberra:

Canberra, the nation’s capital, the city of roundabouts, the seat of federal government and, just like any city, home to lots of blocked drains! Metropolitan Drain Cleaning is your local blocked drains expert in Canberra. Our fully qualified, licensed blocked drain plumbers are available 24/7 in Acton, Melba, Mawson, Manuka, Deakin, Weetangera, Bruce, Lyneham, Mitchell, Gungahlin, Isabella Plains, Fadden, Conder and every other suburb. If you’ve got a blocked sewer drain or blocked shower drain in Canberra, look no further!

Blocked Drains Brisbane:

Brisbane is hot enough without having a blocked drain putting extra sweat on your brow. Petrie, Taringa, The Gap, Carindale, Cleveland, Moorooka, Springwood, Albany Creek, Browns Plains, Bracken Ridge, Ascot and many, many more suburbs, our army of blocked drains experts from Metropolitan Drain Cleaning is able to take a callout to anywhere in Brisbane to have your blocked drain fixed up in no time. It makes no difference where your blocked drain is, what’s causing it or even what the time is, we’ve got you covered for every eventuality.